About me.

Welcome ladies, gentlemen and time-travelling bears, to my Imagination Castle.

A place where i can show you things that i’ve seen that you should see too, a place where i can share with you some of things that make me happy, and some of the things that make me sad.  Welcome to large rooms full of facts, broad walls of pictures, paintings and drawings, ornate shelves of … things, and miscellaneous space filled with miscellaneous information that caught my eyes.

“But why should we care about any of that Mr. Dinorobosaur?” you ask, to which i reply –
“It’s not about you, you delcious and delectable morsels, It’s about me having a reason to expand my imagination and ideas, to stop me from stagnating and gathering moss”

So i don’t really mind if no one reads, comments or likes what i’m doing here, but if you do, well thats a bonus and i’m glad that you liked your visit to my Imagination Castle.

Peace out:



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