Hello small mammals, Like all semi robotical dinosaurs, I love me some balloons.  They are awesome and no party is a true party without them.  They come in many colours and shapes and sizes, but what do we really know about them?

What mysteries do you hold?

What mysteries do you hold?

The first rubber balloons were made by Professor Michael Faraday in 1824 for use in his experiments with hydrogen at the Royal Institution in London.Faraday made his balloons by cutting round two sheets of rubber laid together and pressing the edges together. The tacky rubber welded automatically, and the inside of the balloon was rubbed with flour to prevent the opposing surfaces joining together.

Silver metalised balloons were first developed for the New York City ballet in the late 1970s, The concept and technology for the ‘metalisation’ of plastic sheeting that has given us foil balloons comes directly out of the NASA Space Mission. They are made of nylon sheet, coated on one side with polyethylene and metallised on the other. They are made with the sole purpose of withholding gas easier and longer than a latex balloon. 

Here are some balloon records made by people with nothing better to do 

Angel Barcia kept two balloons aloft using only his head for a total of 45 bouncesA total of 552 people blew up balloons and then popped them by sitting on them. They set the record during Thirst Youth Convention in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Greg Arrigoni used 1434 Qualtex balloons to build a balloon arch. The balloons were three feet in diameter. The arch measured 600 feet wide and 340 feet tall.

An attendee at iD Tech Camps Macalester College inflated a balloon with his nose until it popped in 17.97 seconds.

Nicholas Moallem kept a static balloon attached to his head for 41 minutes, 10.42 seconds while dancing like a chicken. 

Darryl Learie fit seven inflated balloons inside an eighth inflated balloon in a Russian Doll format.

Ryan Bonifas put 17 golf balls inside an inflated latex party balloon.

Darryl Learie completed 30 push-ups on two inflated balloons.

Brian Pankey hit a punch balloon with his fist 167 times in one minute.

Darryl Learie popped an inflated balloon inside two more inflated balloons without popping either of the outside balloons. 

Brian Pankey kept a balloon aloft using only his head for a total of 19 bounces while simultaneously juggling three clubs.

Doug McManaman fired five shots backwards using a mirror, hitting five balloons from 65 yards away.

Darryl Learie inflated 1,000 latex party balloons in 231 minutes and 48 seconds — just under four hours.

From this I can judge that Darryl Learie has too much time on his hands, In fact check out to see exactly how much time.

Peace out for now hominids.


There is a pony version of everything ever.

There is a pony version of everything ever.


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